Heading Into the Eye of the Storm


Today, I was supposed to fly to Boston for a quick visit home. However, the storm threw off my travel plans, and I will try again tomorrow. 

A five day whirlwind of media and seeing family is ahead. It's a pleasant whirlwind... If that makes any sense? Although, this whirlwind may involve some plumbing. I'll be doing interviews with NBC Boston, and HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Stay tuned on my social media channels, and I will keep everyone updated on when these will air. I'm also excited to shoot a story and do a meet & greet with one of my partners, Rate Gravity. We'll be doing a story involving my friends & family, and how my Boston roots have influenced my athletic career and life. It should be some incredible story telling. 

We're only 35 days out from opening Ceremonies in Pyeongchang and there are four races packed into a tight window before the Games. Without any calm before the storm, I'll take these next few days to try and relax and maybe even catch a Bs game.

By the way, it's dumping in Europe and I am already looking forward to getting back on snow.


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