Jonathan Lewey Cheever was born April 17th, 1985, blessed with all American, blue-collar parents with passion for hard work, discipline and dedication. These traits were adopted by Jonathan as a way of life at a young age. In 1997 Jonathan picked up snowboarding and fell in love, but before he was allowed to go pro it was expected he pay his dues in the real world.  He attended a strict, all-boys Catholic High school while simultaneously attending trade school to specialize in plumbing. Through all this, he still managed to be student body president, a fact his teammates still regularly tease him about. In 2004, only a year after completing high school and his apprenticeship to become a Journeyman Plumber, Jonathan moved to Park City, Utah to train year around at the USSA Center of Excellence and join the US Snowboarding team. When he wasn’t working as a plumber, Jonathan was able to clock more hours in the gym than any other member of the US Ski and Snowboard Team, a badge of pride he has maintained throughout his career. The time and attention given to keeping his body in excellent shape is something Jonathan credits much of his career success with. This theory was put to the test in 2012 when, after finishing the previous season ranked #3 in the world, Jonathan fell victim to a potentially career ending injury and was told he may never snowboard again. In true “Cheever will out-work anyone” fashion, Jonathan beat the odds and proved doubtful experts wrong when he recovered in unheard of time, only to be deemed in the “best shape of his life” by doctors and coaches for the 2013 season.  Recently, Jonathan received an invitation to the SBX World Championships in January of 2013 as one of only four riders to represent the USA and is favored to represent his country as a medal contender at the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia.